Norma J Dougherty


Norma Joyce Dougherty (pronounced DOCK-ER-TY) is a spirited and commanding speaker with a warm and engaging presence. On the lecture stage, she carries the listeners over many yellow brick roads as she shares her fairy-tale life and spiritual adventures to find the place her heart calls “home.”

Understanding this period in time, where women find themselves overwhelmed with choices and oversold by direct marketing campaigns, Norma Joyce passionately speaks about fostering the “TOTAL” woman’s personal identity through BODY, MIND and SPIRITUAL development.

Starting with skills developed as an 18-year-old contestant and winner of a national beauty pageant, Miss Dominion of Canada, and representative at the 1970 Miss World, Miss Universe, Queen of the Pacific and a semi-finalist winner in the Miss International, Norma Joyce shares real, honest and eye-opening insights reflecting the BODY of women/girls in the glitz and glamour of public life.

Adding her educational development at the prestigious Wake Forest University with a Major in Philosophy and a minor in Political Science, she shares the importance of enhancing girl power with brains and professionalism by purposely and intentionally developing our MIND.

And, finally, Norma Joyce shares her timeless beauty secrets, the way to natural beauty by advocating a balanced life in the SPIRIT. As women of character and strong moral fiber, she candidly encourages every woman/girl to find their true identity, value, significance, beauty, and faith in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Norma Joyce Dougherty is an author of Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit, A young girl’s personal and spiritual odyssey to reach the true shoreline—a truly, amazing memoir that paints Rembrandt-like word pictures taking the reader into each scene with an introspective quality. She is an inspirational speaker, a conference planner, and leader of women’s Bible study groups. She is a former District Consulting Coordinator and former member of the National Board of Directors for Stonecroft Ministries, Inc., having served the ministry for twenty years. Passionate about justice for young women, she volunteers with a non-profit organization in Charlotte, NC to help mentor and empower women who have suffered or are suffering various social injustices.

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