The Pursuit of Happiness

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We all pursue happiness, looking for it in many various ways. Having studied philosophy at Wake Forest University, I must say the “Pursuit of Happiness” is as old as time. The great Greek Philosopher Socrates asked the question back in 300 BC: “What is the right way or the best way for man to live?”

Socrates believed:

• That only people with self-knowledge could find true happiness.
• That we must turn our attention away from the body and towards the soul.
• That happiness flows not from physical or external conditions, such as bodily
pleasures or wealth and power, but from living a life that’s right for your soul. (Google:
On Happiness – Socrates, Michele Connolly, September 8, 2007).
• That the “unexamined life is not worth living.” This is his most famous quote.

Was Socrates right? I believe this to be true. I did not have self-knowledge. Having experienced my own identity crisis, I did not know the answers to the questions: who am I, where do I belong, and what is my purpose in life. After much confusion and unhappiness, I started to examine my life.

Examining one’s life includes examining the heart, the spirit and our relationship with our Creator God. Getting to know God, his reason for creating us and the reason he sent his Son to save us, enlightens us in ways we cannot understand. We gain a new heart and a new spirit when we enter into a relationship with him. There is a penetrating JOY in our heart that is like “none other has ever known.” (From: In The Garden) This joy supersedes any circumstantial happiness.

The scriptures say:

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” (Proverbs 4:23 niv).

Everything! All our choices, our decisions, our desires flow from the heart! I encourage you to let your heart choose JOY in relationship with Christ and all else falls into place.